SSB Leather is a sister concern of Shaver Shop Bangladesh. Following the huge interest and opportunity in the leather industry, SSB Leather It started on January 1, 2019. SSB Leather is fairly known for its good customer reputation and maintaining the best quality.

SSB Leather is not different.We mainly make products directly from big factories and make QC to deliver to the customer.

SSB leather is always concern about what our customers want from us. Even after production, we have a separate QC team that checks if there are any flaws in the product or not.

SSB Leather is trying to maintain international quality by obeying all international rules and measurements. Our vision is to establish SSB leather as a renowned brand that will represent Bangladesh. Our every product goes with the tag Made in Bangladesh. We hope that one day SSB leather will make our country proud and our people will use a local brand like SSB leather rather than foreign brands.

Currently, we are producing wallets, bags, belts, shoes. We will expand our business furthermore in the near future. We are getting tremendous feedback from our customers and we hope that this might increase more day by day.

The main thing SSB leather promises to its customers is Quality. SSB leather never compromises with product quality. We are providing 90 Days leather guarantee for all our products. We are trying to give the customer a good product at a reasonable price so that the customer can use it,That shows how many customers oriented we are as a brand. Our mission is to provide 100% genuine leather with premium export quality. Our products are- wallet, belt, jacket, laptop bag, Shoes, etc We are also providing all kind of accessories for leather. we are focused on after sales customer service as well. Our customer is our biggest prospect.



Inside Dhaka - 49tk Outside Dhaka - 99tk

100% money back guarantee.

100% money back guarantee.


10am to 8pm