Finding the Perfect Shoes for Men: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Picture yourself in a bustling city or walking into a party, searching for the perfect pair of men’s shoes. Like many, you’ve been fooled by flashy brands and tempting prices, only to end up with shoes that feel like walking on stones.

Finding the perfect pair of men’s shoes is a multi-layered process, and surprisingly, their price tag is the thinnest layer to consider. From captivating features that promise greatness to groundbreaking sole technologies, every aspect plays a pivotal role. 

There is no universal solution that fits all shoe seekers. Nevertheless, this guide from the shoe experts of SSB Leather will help you find the perfect men’s shoes. We’ve got tips to guide you along the way to your next shoes.

How To Find The Perfect Men’s Shoes: 7 Key Factors

It doesn’t matter if you prefer timeless style or impeccable fit, we’ll walk you through the secrets of stepping up your shoe game. Follow our expert tips to elevate your style and stride confidently.

1. Know Your Ground: Matching Shoes to Your Environment

Different occasions and activities call for specific types of shoes. For formal settings and events, consider classic dress shoes like Oxfords and Derby’s that exude style and sophistication. 

If you’re into running, invest in road shoes designed to support your natural foot movement on smooth surfaces. 

On the other hand, off-road running requires shoes with enhanced grip and support to tackle challenging terrains. Understanding your specific needs will guide you toward the right type of shoe for your intended use.

2. Check The Weight: Embrace Lightweight Technology

The weight of your shoes can significantly impact your overall comfort and performance. Even a slight difference in weight can affect your running time and pattern. 

When selecting running shoes, opt for lightweight models that provide the necessary support without adding unnecessary burden. Lightweight technology can enhance your agility and make your strides feel effortless.

3. Material, Comfort, and Support: Substance Over Style

While style may catch your eye, it’s crucial to prioritize substance when it comes to shoe selection. Not all trendy shoes offer the necessary comfort and support. 

Pay attention to the materials used in the construction of the shoes, ensuring they provide adequate cushioning and support for your feet. And we keep this in mind while making each shoe here at SSB Leather

Opt for high-quality materials that promote breathability and prevent discomfort during extended wear. Remember, the focus should be on long-term comfort rather than solely the appearance or price of the shoes.

Depending on your lifestyle and activities, investing in shoes with advanced technologies can significantly enhance your experience. Professionals who wear shoes daily or attend frequent events should prioritize comfort alongside style. 

4. Invest In The Technique: Exploring Advanced Shoe Technologies

Know the latest shoe technologies from cushioning systems to arch support and motion control features. Understanding these advancements will help you find shoes that cater to your feet’s needs.

5. Beware Of Shoe Snakes: Avoiding Counterfeit Products

This is the peak time of online shopping. Therefore, stay alert and trust your basic instincts when it comes to counterfeit shoes. Stay away from deals that seem too good to be true. If someone is giving you genuine leather shoes at the price of fabric, there’s something wrong. 

Examine the box, label quality, tags, and brand placement. Familiarize yourself with release dates, shoe SKUs, and factory codes. By staying cautious, you can protect yourself from purchasing fake shoes that can harm both your feet and your pocket.

6. Don’t Give Into The Hype: Find Your Own Style

Don’t be swayed solely by trends or the influence of others. Finding the perfect men’s shoes should be a personal endeavor that aligns with your style and purpose. 

Explore options that complement your wardrobe and your style, rather than blindly following what others are buying. 

Find the hidden gems that may not attract mass attention but offer exceptional quality and functionality. Stay true to your taste and requirements. Check out SSB Leather’s men’s shoe collection to find some!

7. Finding Just The Right Amount Of Comfort: Key Tips for the Perfect Fit

Until now, we’ve explored various aspects of finding comfort, and now we’ll dive into the realm of the perfect fit. To ensure optimum comfort, consider the following tips when trying on shoes:

  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are slightly expanded.

  • Wear socks of the same material and length that you intend to wear with the shoes.

  • Allow the salesman to measure both your feet and choose the size that fits the larger foot.

  • When standing, make sure there is a quarter to a half-inch of space between your toe and the inside edge of the shoe. This allows for proper comfort and prevents discomfort.

  • Stroll around in the shoes to evaluate sole quality and materials. Assess comfort, support, and overall feel.

  • Trust your feet’s comfort label rather than relying solely on the size mentioned on the shoes.

  • Check for any tags, seams, or materials that might cause irritation during extended walks. 

Where To Buy The Perfect Men’s Shoes In Bangladesh?

Are you searching for the perfect men’s shoes in Bangladesh? Look no further! SSB Leather provides high-quality men’s shoes that elevate the style and offer unmatched comfort.

Let’s dive into why SSB Leather Men’s Shoes should be your go-to destination for the perfect fit!

1. SSB Leather Men’s Shoes: Craftsmanship and Quality

SSB Leather sets the standard for men’s shoes with its impeccable craftsmanship and use of premium materials. Every pair is carefully handcrafted for exceptional durability and longevity. From stitching to finishing touches, SSB Leather shoes exude excellence.

2. Versatile Collection: Find Your Perfect Style

Discover the best men’s shoes at SSB Leather, where finding your perfect style is effortless. Explore their diverse and versatile collection, curated to suit every occasion and preference. Here are some of the best SSB Men’s Shoes:

Penny Loafers: 


For a more relaxed and effortless style, SSB Leather’s penny loafers are the perfect choice. These slip-on shoes feature a distinctive strap across the vamp, exuding a sense of casual sophistication. 


SSB Leather’s loafers offer a blend of comfort and versatility. With their slip-on design and comfortable fit, these shoes are suitable for various occasions. 

Slip-On Shoes: 

If you’re looking for ultimate convenience, SSB Leather’s slip-on shoes are a must-have. These shoes eliminate the hassle of laces while maintaining a polished and refined appearance.

Tassel Shoes: 

Add a touch of flair to your footwear collection with SSB Leather’s tassel shoes. These stylish and eye-catching shoes feature tassel accents, making them a great choice for those who appreciate unique and fashionable details.


SSB Leather’s boots are designed to offer both style and durability. Whether you prefer sleek and polished leather boots or rugged and adventurous styles, their collection has something to suit every taste.

Men’s Sandals: 

When the weather calls for open-toed footwear, SSB Leather’s men’s sandals provide the perfect solution. Crafted with comfort and style in mind, these sandals keep your feet cool and comfortable while maintaining a fashionable look.

Formal Shoes:

SSB Leather’s formal shoes are designed to make a statement. They are perfect for special occasions and professional settings, exuding sophistication and elegance.

Half Loafers: 

Combining the best features of loafers and sandals, SSB Leather’s half loafers offer a unique and stylish alternative. These shoes provide the convenience of a slip-on design while keeping your feet cool with open-back construction.

Casual Shoes: 

For everyday wear, SSB Leather’s casual shoes are a go-to pick. These shoes are perfect for relaxed outings or casual events.

Flip-Flop Sandals: 

Embrace the laid-back vibe with flip-flop sandals. Perfect for beach days, poolside lounging, or leisurely strolls, SSB Leather’s sandals offer ultimate comfort and ease.

Nagras Shoes: 

SSB Leather’s Nagras shoes offer a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. These handmade leather shoes are crafted with intricate detailing and provide a touch of cultural heritage to your outfit.

3. Comfort at Its Best: All-Day Bliss

SSB Leather prioritizes comfort in every pair of shoes. With cushioned insoles, breathable lining, and ergonomic designs, their shoes provide a blissful experience for your feet, even during long hours of wear. Experience unmatched comfort that keeps you going all day.

4. Affordability and Value: Luxury Within Your Reach

SSB Leather believes that premium quality should be affordable. Their remarkable shoes come at reasonable prices, making luxury footwear accessible to all. Get incredible value as their shoes not only enhance your style but also withstand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when buying good shoes?

When buying shoes, prioritize comfort, durability, and style. Look for a proper fit, high-quality materials, solid construction, and supportive features to ensure satisfaction.

How do you evaluate shoe quality?

Evaluate shoe quality by examining the materials, stitching, and overall craftsmanship. Look for well-constructed soles, sturdy uppers, and precise stitching. High-quality shoes often use genuine leather or other premium materials.

Which factor is most important in a shoe?

Comfort is the most important factor in a shoe. A good fit, cushioning, arch support, and flexibility contribute to comfort. Prioritize shoes that provide optimal comfort for your feet to prevent discomfort and foot-related issues.


When looking for the perfect men’s shoes, consider more than just price and style. Think about and prioritize substance over style.

Make independent choices based on what works for your feet type. Most importantly, ensure a comfortable fit. 

Enjoy your shopping with SSB Leather and get a pair of shoes that will fit you right and stand out in the crowd!

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